Float Discoil is a machine developed specifically, as an emergency unit, for the mechanical recovery of hydrocarbons spilled on the open sea, ports, along coastlines and even in internal bodies of water (rivers and lakes).

The equipment is capable of recovering any type of petroleum product with extremely small amounts of water and can even recall and recover the iridescence usually founded on the surface of water.

The machine is made up of array of discs mounted on special floating structures. The discs are polycentric and eccentric, of different diameters, to improve the recall and recovery of even very viscous oils.

The transfer operation of the recovered product is carried out through a discharge pump, located inside the Float Discoil machine, connected to a discharge pipe.


Float Discoil is an adaptable and practical device:

  • Environmental machine, suitable to operate in emergency situations
  • High recovery capacity
  • Limited size and weight
  • Easy to handle during operating phases (even by small boats or handled by cranes)


There are different Float Discoil models according to:

The machine size is set by the number (from 3 to 30) and diameter (from 650 to 1500 mm) of the discs. The number and diameter of the discs determine the capacity of recovery and recall of the Discoil. The intake capacity can be increased by the use of hydraulically powered flaps.

Float Discoil materials are studied to operate in very corrosive environments, using sea water resistant aluminum alloy for the floating structure, and stainless steel discs.

It is provided by a hydraulic generator which may be powered by a diesel or gasoline engine, by an electric motor, or even by the hydraulic system of a ship.

It born with a floating structure, suitable to operate in non-hazardous areas.