Design is a concept. Continuous development work and environmental considerations have led us to regard each design as unique. What remains constant, even in different applications, is the method, which follows a logical development process.



How it works – Hydraulic, Discs system

DISCOIL is a OCS water treatment and oil recovery technology that works by exploiting the physical principle due to the adhesion of the oil to metallic surfaces of discs. This process is mechanical, without using chemical substances and without creating emulsions.

The layer of floating oil which adheres to the specially treated surfaces of the discs is separated from them at the top by rubber scraping blades. The recovered oil is conveyed into a first collection tank which is part of the skimmer and then pumped automatically into the collection and storage tank.

The system is powered by a hydraulic generator connected to the oil skimmer with hydraulic flexible pipes and driven by a flameproof electric motor or by a diesel engine.

Thanks to our internal engineering office, we can adapt the oil skimmer
to customer requirements and to any type of situation.

Strong and Safe Oil Skimmer – Classified areas as ATEX 0,1, 2

Discoil materials vary according to the type of hydrocarbons to be recovered, the grade of corrosivity and to the hostile nature of the environment where it will operate. Specifically, the machine can be fabricated in painted carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel or duplex. Special attention is also devoted to rubber parts that are selected according to the application.

In fact, it is able to operate in the all extreme situations, including classified areas. It is certified to operate in ATEX Zone 0, 1 and 2.

The rotation of the discs and the starting of the evacuation pump are controlled by the hydraulic powerpack, where it is possible to control also the temperature or the level of hydraulic oil.

When working in classified areas, it may be necessary to control additional safety signals. In these cases Discoil can be equipped, at customer choice, with Junction Box or Electrical Control Panel.