These autonomous oil boats for the recovery of the floating hydrocarbons on the sea, rivers or ports, are nominated “ECOIL”.

They’re constructed under the supervision of International Shipping Boards and Registries, which can also collect floating solid refuse, are able to recover, store and transfer significant quantities of oil spills to tankers.

Instrumentation, autonomy of navigation, quarters for personnel and the safety equipment on board, are those prescribed by the international regulations and required by the boat’s category and employment.

For the Discoil’s distinctive feature of being capable of recalling the oily spots, even at a distance, the recovery can come with the boat in an ahead movement, in an astern movement and when it is moored.

Recovery capacity is between 25 and more than 100 m3/h according to the size and number of installed discs.

These boats are controlled by crew and can also work at night.