Purchasing a DISCOIL machine means you’ll never be alone.
In fact, the company guarantees long-term oil skimmer assistance, that does not end with the sale!


Thanks to our team of skilled technicians, we provide:

  • Periodical Maintenance
    Due to the simplicity of operation, to the quality of the materials used, the machines can work continuously with minimum maintenance. Anyway, we recommend a minimum periodical maintenance, as indicated in the “Vendor Data Book”. Periodical maintenance is important to protect plants and equipment and guarantees a good machine use and operations in the long-term.
  • Re-adjustment
    Situations change, needs alter, even operating conditions can vary: OCS machines and systems are sufficiently flexible and continuously adapted.
  • Training
    A good machine may require a skilled operator. If required OCS can always provide professional training facilities.

Do you need one of these services?